Experimental treatment eradicates acute leukemia in mice

February 26, 2014
Using an existing drug and a new drug developed at UCLA, the researchers wiped out cancer cells in mice with a deadly type of blood cancer, leaving healthy blood cells alone. The treatment might also have applications for other blood diseases.

The ultimate betrayal

UC San Francisco
February 4, 2014
Robert Bruce and Adil Daud
Robert Bruce meets with Adil Daud, MD, at UCSF Medical Center to discuss the progress of his immunotherapy treatments as part of Daud's clinical trial of the PD-1 antibody.

Immunotherapy: the last hope

UC San Francisco
February 4, 2014
Patricia Hollowell
Patricia Hollowell gets a hug from her grandson Cody, 3, at her daughter's home in San Rafael, Calif.

Killing cancer through the immune system

UC San Francisco
February 4, 2014
What if the body could heal itself of even the most aggressive and deadly tumors? In the span of a few years, the idea has gone from New Age notion to medical reality.

New breast cancer screening strategies

UC Office of the President
February 26, 2013
With the help of donations from state tax filers, the California Breast Cancer Research Program funds innovative research. Studies have led to simple tests that guide treatment by distinguishing non-invasive forms of the cancer from aggressive types.