Jonas Salk

New home for Jonas Salk's papers

Family of polio vaccine pioneer donates personal papers to the UC San Diego library.

What would Buddha do, economically speaking?

After students expressed discontent with the traditional economic model and a pervasive 'more is better' philosophy, professor Clair Brown developed a new sophomore seminar featuring Buddhist economics.

Grad students, Napolitano showcase value of doctoral research

Students, administrators will visit Sacramento lawmakers to push for additional support for graduate research.

U.S. News ranks UC graduate schools among nation's best

Dozens of programs in business, education, engineering, law and medicine make magazine's annual rankings.

Head Start makes a difference for disadvantaged kids

Children with little academic stimulation in the home stand to benefit most from the program.
child drinking green smoothie

UC creates recipes for healthier diets

UC researchers and educators across the state are encouraging children and their families to eat healthier diets.
Peace Corps volunteer

UC alums fill Peace Corps ranks

The University of California remains a perennial leader in sending alumni to international service.

UC campuses are best value

Princeton Review ranks eight UC campuses among its best values in public universities.
UCI students with Global Brigades

Foot soldiers in the war on poverty

Students who volunteer with Global Brigades work in the trenches – sometimes literally – to make the world a better place.

Stay here. Take classes there.

Cross-campus enrollment project makes it easier for UC undergrads to take online courses on other campuses.