UCI students with Global Brigades

Foot soldiers in the war on poverty

Students who volunteer with Global Brigades work in the trenches – sometimes literally – to make the world a better place.

Stay here. Take classes there.

Cross-campus enrollment project makes it easier for UC undergrads to take online courses on other campuses.

Kennedy presidency: what was, what might have been

Fifty years after his assassination, scholars examine John Kennedy's accomplishments and the work he left undone.

Whirlwind tour of spirituality

Students, faculty and staff explore the world’s great faith — and non-faith — traditions.

Teen night owls likely to perform worse academically, emotionally

Teenagers who go to bed late during the school year are more prone to academic and emotional difficulties in the long run, compared to their earlier-to-bed counterparts.
UC San Diego Gallien

Fellowship program attracts diverse postdocs

New perspectives drive academic research in this extension of UC's President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program.

President Napolitano speaking to two students at Oakland Tech

President urges students to aim for college

University president spreads the message about access, affordability and college aspiration to Oakland students eyeing higher education.

Undergrad research opportunities address social issues

More than half of all UC undergrads work on research projects while at UC, an experience that can be transformative.
EAOP students sitting in classroom

Pre-college academy gives students a leg up

Summer programs throughout the UC system target future collegians in disadvantaged communities.
Teach for America recruits Javier Mendez, DJ Sellarole, Marlene Castro and Jesús Galindo

New grads head back to class

More Teach for America recruits hail from UC Berkeley than any other institution.