man in Indonesian fish market

Our fish comes with a side order of debris

A quarter of the fish sampled at markets in California and Indonesia has consumed plastic or man-made fiber material.

What the Inuit can tell us about omega-3 fats and ‘paleo’ diets

The Inuit and their Siberian ancestors have special genetic mutations that help them partly counteract the effects of a diet high in marine mammal fat — and most of us don't. 

Tracy Kahn, UC Riverside

Citrus Variety Collection to be maintained in perpetuity

$1 million endowment from Givaudan will allow for the creation of endowed chair position to support and maintain collection.

Riverside Unified School District's produce is purchased fresh and whole from local farms and prepared in-house.

Schools serving healthier meals for students

UC is conducting case studies of selected California schools to evaluate the effects of a USDA grants program; farm-to-school tours show firsthand the benefits and challenges of providing farm-fresh produce to students.

Alice Waters, Vicki Lynn Ruiz, Fedwa Malti-Douglas

UC luminaries to receive National Humanities Medal

Food activist and scholars are among 10 honored for their work elevating the human experience.

Federal funds will help launch nutrition and obesity research center

Center —one of only 12 nationwide – will support and facilitate studies on obesity, nutrition and metabolism at UCSF and across Northern California.

bowl of spinach

How clean is your spinach?

Mom was right about washing the greens: Researchers believe peaks and valleys in leaves could be key to numerous bacterial outbreaks involving leafy green vegetables.

bottle of vegetable oil

Soybean oil may be more fattening than fructose or coconut oil

The main ingredient in vegetable oil is linked to weight gain, fatty liver, diabetes and insulin resistance.
Ian Davies and Ankita Raturi

From classrooms to fields, students dig into food fellowships

Global Food Initiative fellows represent a broad cross-section of students.
The UC Global Food Initiative is off to a fast start.

UC Global Food Initiative marks first year

The initiative is off to a fast start as faculty, students and staff from across the 10-campus UC system focus their collective power on food issues.