bowl of spinach

How clean is your spinach?

Mom was right about washing the greens: Researchers believe peaks and valleys in leaves could be key to numerous bacterial outbreaks involving leafy green vegetables.

bottle of vegetable oil

Soybean oil may be more fattening than fructose or coconut oil

The main ingredient in vegetable oil is linked to weight gain, fatty liver, diabetes and insulin resistance.
Ian Davies and Ankita Raturi

From classrooms to fields, students dig into food fellowships

Global Food Initiative fellows represent a broad cross-section of students.
The UC Global Food Initiative is off to a fast start.

UC Global Food Initiative marks first year

The initiative is off to a fast start as faculty, students and staff from across the 10-campus UC system focus their collective power on food issues.

milk, yogurt, cheese

Milk does a probiotic good

Dairy makes a positive difference in how effective probiotics can be.
Recent graduate Katie Slocum turned her love of coffee into an award-winning senior thesis that examined the supply chain of coffee beans from Honduras to the United States.

Coffee, from farm to cup

UC Santa Cruz anthropology student traces java's route from Central America to California for senior thesis.
women exercising

One-quarter of California adults are obese

In just 14 years, the percentage of obese Californians is up from one-fifth.
Members of Snapily explain their app at the CITRIS Mobile App Challenge at UC Berkeley.

Students design mobile apps with social flavor

With support from the UC Global Food Initiative, this year’s CITRIS Mobile App Challenge added a new dimension: finding ways to nutritiously and sustainably feed people.
young woman tends crops

Eat local? Why yes, you can

More than 90 percent of the United States can eat food grown or raised within 100 miles of their homes — a boon for nutrition, the economy and sustainable agriculture.
students serving food

UC focuses on student food security

UC campuses this spring are surveying students to assess the scope of food security issues, implementing short-term relief where needed and exploring long-term solutions that address student nutrition — UC regents to discuss food security May 21.