Fruit flies offer clues to salt influence

Animals prefer low-salt foods over high. Fruit flies help unravel the underlying science.

California farmers face global pressures

Experts confront paradox of want in the land of plenty.

Recipe for starting a family: Add walnuts

Eating about two handfuls of the nuts a day appears to improve sperm quality.
Farmer on tractor

Student farms are seeding innovation

Long before UC Berkeley author Michael Pollan told us omnivores had a dilemma in books that questioned the industrial food complex, college students were at the forefront of a movement to rethink what we eat.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, when organic was a foreign word to most Americans, students at UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz were part of a wave of environmental activism that sought alternatives to agricultural methods that distanced people from farms and relied on heavy use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.