Janet Napolitano plants oregano with student Matt Orke

UC launches Global Food Initiative

University aims to help put the world on a path to sustainably and nutritiously feed itself.
fried chicken

Home cooks are taking big risks

Undercooked chicken and unwashed hands are among the unsafe practices common in American kitchens.

Today's statin users eat and weigh more than predecessors

People who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs appear to have developed a false sense of security that could lead to heart disease and other obesity-related illnesses.

Chili peppers: born in Mexico

The world's most widely grown spice crop likely was first domesticated in central-east Mexico, according to a new study by UC Davis plant scientists and other researchers.
UC President Napolitano on aerial tour

President Napolitano tours California agriculture

UC President Janet Napolitano witnessed firsthand the effects of the drought and learned about the university’s efforts to help farmers increase water efficiency and improve crop yields.

A mission of nutrition, a wardrobe of fruits and veggies

She may be an introvert, but Lindy West is determined to do what it takes — including venturing out in public dressed as a snap pea — to help employees eat healthier diets.
Tim Galarneau

Food system career started with a single bite

Sampling a tasty tomato set Tim Galarneau on the path to blending agriculture and food with sustainability.
child drinking green smoothie

UC creates recipes for healthier diets

UC researchers and educators across the state are encouraging children and their families to eat healthier diets.
Evil White Foods video

Film professor's video addresses LA public health crisis

Los Angeles transit passengers will learn of the dangers of 'Evil White Foods' from John Jota Leaños' film.
dining couple

Are you really going to eat that?

New book by UCLA psychologists shows couples how to team up to lose weight, get healthier.