Victoria Salas works on the UC Santa Cruz farm

Food for thought

UC Santa Cruz — 'the Mothership' of organic agriculture — has much to offer UC's ambitious Global Food Initiative.
community gardeners

Former food desert now feeds a community’s spirit

San Diego residents are transforming a 20,000-square-foot vacant urban lot into a community focal point for healthy place making.
Joseph Martinus, UCLA

UC celebrates Food Day with buffet of activities

Across the UC system, Food Day participation will include lectures, discussions, film screenings, farmers markets, food demonstrations and special dining menus.

Breast milk is brain food

Certain fats found in mother's milk appear to be the strongest predictor of academic test performance.

Alum keeps Bear Pantry churning to feed student parents

As a single mom and undergrad student, Koko Mulder founded UC Berkeley's pantry to help non-traditional students like herself stretch their food dollars. Now a campus staffer, she's still at the pantry's helm.
girl and sports drinks

Report checks health claims of popular sports, vitamin drinks

Loaded with sugar, they're essentially "sodas without the carbonation."
Philip Viera

A neuropsychology and beer mixer

Taking advantage of new brewery business model, graduate student starts selling his beers.
mom and baby

Breast milk reveals clues for health

'Complete food' for infants could lead to supplements that boost immunity for cancer patients, the elderly and children in the developing world.

Global food safety agreement signed by China and UC Davis

Agreement lays groundwork for establishing joint research center in China.
Dry fields and hills, San Joaquin, CA

California agriculture faces greatest water loss ever seen

New report sounds warning on over-reliance on groundwater reserves.