Graduate students

Brain activity UC Santa Barbara

Brain's memory strategies change as you age

Activity patterns shift over time without affecting recall, new research shows.

UCSF mouse embryos

Researchers put mouse embryos in suspended animation

Development has potential implications for assisted reproduction, aging and even cancer.

Lorenzo Booth UC Merced

Grad student’s water-mapping work leads to national recognition

Using big data to streamline water planning and fight climate change.

Some species of seabirds, including blue petrels, are particularly vulnerable to eating plastic debris at sea.

Why do seabirds eat plastic? The answer stinks

Marine plastic debris is an olfactory trap for seabirds.

UC San Diego Facebook study

Facebook users live longer, study says

All that time spent on your favorite social network may be extending your life.

Environmental surveillance UC Santa Cruz

New tools keep watch over California climate

High-tech sensors are aiding a systemwide effort to understand and predict the effects of climate change in the state.

UC Riverside EPIC

UC Riverside launches innovation center for entrepreneurs

New launchpad for bringing groundbreaking research to market opens its doors in the Inland Empire.

UCLA organic chemistry

Making organic chemistry sizzle with BACON

Neil Garg's BACON tutorials bring organic chemistry to life by connecting it to sports, health and even TV.

UC Riverside navigation drone

No GPS, no problem: Next-generation navigation

New system supports fully autonomous vehicle development by relying on existing cellular signals.

Berkeley Lab smallest transistor

Smallest transistor ever made by Berkeley Lab

Berkeley Lab-led research breaks major barrier in transistor size by creating gate only 1 nanometer long.