Graduate students

Berkeley Law transcript article

Entrepreneurship: Open for business at Berkeley Law

The UC Berkeley-Silicon Valley connection is fostering the next generation of startup lawyers.

UC Santa Cruz game winners

UC Santa Cruz team wins game design competition at E3

Winning entry focuses on promoting positive social connection for people age 50 and older.

UC Davis kilocore chip

World’s first 1,000-processor chip designed by UC Davis

New CPU is 100 times more powerful than a modern laptop's, while remaining energy-efficient.

Berkeley Science review brain cancer treatment

Developing a new treatment system for brain cancer

A UC Berkeley grad student on UC-driven innovations to fight the disease.

UC San Diego manta ray

Mapping out what manta rays call home

UC San Diego-led study will help protect the iconic, threatened animals.

Sugarcane UCSF

A low-tech hack to protect sugar cane workers

UCSF global health student's effort helps Central American communities facing epidemic of early deaths.

Hamutahl Cohen is one of five UC Santa Cruz students to receive UC Global Food Initiative fellowships for the 2016-17 academic year.

Five UC Santa Cruz students receive Global Food Initiative fellowships

Fellows will work to improve student food security, expand experiential learning opportunities and disseminate information on the campus’s work in agroecology.

UCLA treatment

Nursing student, cancer survivor draws on experience to help patients

A 2016 graduate from the UCLA School of Nursing pays it forward to others.

Kevin Hale UCLA

After kicking addiction, graduating UCLA student reboots life

Native American student finds way back to help others pursue higher education.

How star systems function in heavy traffic

A UC Santa Cruz grad student looks beyond the reach of the farthest telescopes to glean insights into what makes our own corner of the universe unique.