flexible solar

The flexible, durable solar cell

UC San Diego nanoengineers bring an entrepreneurial bent to solar cell research.

Berkeley Science review brain cancer treatment

Developing a new treatment system for brain cancer

A UC Berkeley grad student on UC-driven innovations to fight the disease.

UC San Diego butterfly wings

Butterfly wings under X-ray reveal insights about color

What makes these insects so bright and colorful? UC San Diego may have found the answer.

UC San Diego wearable sensor

UC San Diego develops body patch that could improve fitness tracking

Unobstrusive device monitors both biochemical and electric signals at the same time — a first.

UC Irvine Mya Le Thai

Making better batteries a reality

By happy accident, UC Irvine researchers found a gel that enables hundreds of thousands of charges.

UCLA Chen and Mahjoubfar

Microscope uses artificial intelligence to find cancer cells more efficiently

UCLA-invented device analyzes 36 million images per second and uses deep learning to identify rogue cells.

Santa Cruz 3-D printing

UC Santa Cruz graduate student makes 'powerful' 3-D printing breakthrough

Collaboration with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory could lead to more efficient energy storage.

Nanowire laser UC Berkeley

Lasers produced by UC scientists bring light-speed data one step closer

Nanowire innovation illuminates the promise of electronics combined with light.

UCLA nanoscientists develop safer, faster way to remove pollutants from water

UCLA nanoscientists develop safer, faster way to remove pollutants from water

The advance could be an important new step in the effort to satisfy the world’s need for clean water.

diagram, tooth and gutta percha

Nanodiamonds might prevent tooth loss after root canals

Tiny particles strengthen the compound used to fill teeth and ward off infection.