UC San Diego |

The ‘bee safe’ pesticide that isn’t

Sivanto poses a range of threats to honeybees, depending on seasonality, bee age and use with common chemicals.

UC Newsroom |

UC women empowering their communities

For Women's History Month, we spotlight just a few of the women who share their love of community with our community.

UC Berkeley |

Regaining sight

Blind mice regain sight with a simple gene therapy that could be available to humans in three years.

UC Santa Barbara |

Finding the elusive drinking ‘brake’

New research has uncovered a mechanism that helps us modulate our drinking — when it functions properly.

UC Irvine |

UC Irvine-led study reveals how blood cells help wounds heal scar-free

New insights could lead to better anti-scarring treatments.

Berkeley Lab |

16 elements: Berkeley Lab’s contributions to the periodic table

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the periodic table, a look at how far it’s come and where it’s headed.

UC Santa Barbara via The Conversation |

How scientists pack butterflies, frogs and sea turtles for the bumpy road

Three scientists explain how they keep threatened species safe on their way to new habitats.

UC Newsroom |

Young, gifted and black: The next generation of researchers

For Black History Month, we highlight young researchers who are turning their work into a potent force for social justice and equity.

UC Berkeley |

Sleep loss truly causes you pain

Going without sleep heightens pain sensitivity and dulls the brain’s painkilling response.

UC San Diego |

3-D printed implants show promise for treating spinal cord injury

The soft, implantable “bridges” guide new nerve cells to grow where the spinal cord has been severed.

UC Santa Cruz |

It's about time: Scientists figure out the length of a day on Saturn

Thanks to data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, astronomers are stumped no longer.


How gut immune cells can fight multiple sclerosis

Scientists are learning how our guts connect to our brains.