UC Berkeley word atlas

How your brain files away words

View a colorful "semantic atlas" built by UC Berkeley scientists that illustrates how we process language.

UC Berkeley childhood book

Reinventing childhood in the 21st century

What are the differences between helicopter and "frontier" parenting? A UC Berkeley professor explores.

UCLA laughter study

Friends or not? Just a second of laughter can reveal relationship status

A UCLA study finds that listeners across the globe can tell a lot from your laugh.

Unemployed smokers have a harder time finding a job

Smokers struggle to find jobs, get paid less

A new study supported by UC has found that tobacco use while unemployed could make job prospects go up in smoke.

UC Berkeley canvassing study

UC Berkeley alums find canvassing reduces transgender prejudice

A new study finds that 10-minute talks can shift opinion as profoundly as 14 years of social change.

UC Riverside Immortality Project

Flitting through eternity

UC Riverside provides some new insight into the physical basis of near-death experiences.

UC Merced in-home parenting study

UC Merced study: In-home parent training levels field for low-income kids

New research shows home visits by trainers can close cognitive development gaps.

NCAA march madness

The science behind our love for March Madness

What makes us so passionate about sports? A UCLA professor explains.

UC Santa Barbara families

What’s in a name?

A UC Santa Barbara professor pursues a history of immigration's transformations.

UCLA donation jar

Your brain might be hard-wired for altruism

UCLA neuroscience research suggests an avenue for treating the empathically challenged.