Social science

David Arky white pill map UCSF

White wash: Biomedical research doesn't reflect diversity of American public

UCSF is working to ensure research is demographically sound.

Smartphone UCSF

As smartphone use increases, so does lack of sleep

But you might get some relief if you put the phone down in time.

UC San Diego Facebook study

Facebook users live longer, study says

All that time spent on your favorite social network may be extending your life.

UC Davis social monkeys

Can being uncertain of your social rank be bad for your health?

New research suggests that not knowing where you stand takes a serious toll.

UC Santa Barbara Hindu women

Understanding human belief

Researchers make a breakthrough in quantifying belief system dynamics behind religion and politics.

UC Irvine foster care

Study shows foster care is bad for your health

First-of-its-kind survey finds greater mental and physical ailments among children who have been in the system.

UC Berkeley voting

What really motivates people to vote?

Hint: It's not policy.

Google UC Santa Cruz

The more you Google, the more likely you are to keep Googling

"Let me Google that for you" may not be so good for us after all.

UC Davis phone wine

Wine industry leaders optimistic as millennials opt for premium wines

It turns out young people are willing to trade in beer cans for a glass of wine.

How parenting changes UC Irvine

How parenting has improved since the '60s

Almost all surveyed Western nations show an increase in child care time spent by both parents.