Social science

Young woman clasping hands

Gratitude is good — even if it doesn’t always feel like it

How to navigate the potential pratfalls of giving and showing your thanks.

Outraged man typing on computer

How rants on social media can come back to haunt you

Negativity tends to boomerang back on those who start it — and persists much longer than positive comments do.

Row of voting booths

Will changing how we vote change who votes?

As California counties begin to implement Voter’s Choice Act, researchers assess effects on turnout and representation.

Tetris blocks

Tetris: It could be the salve for a worried mind

New research suggests the classic video game represents “flow” — a state of blissful distraction.

How to study less and learn more

Ditch the highlighter. Stop re-reading over and over again. Quiz yourself instead. 

Marlen Ríos-Hernández sits on stairs

A Ph.D. in punk? Only at UC Riverside

Doctoral candidate Marlen Ríos-Hernández takes a scholarly approach to the mosh pit.

A man and a woman at a microphone

Why we think women sound shrill

Why do men seem to speak with more authority? Because we've engineered them to sound that way, says Tom McEnaney.

A row of pigeons on a plank

Just like pigeons, people tend to flock

Are we rational? Sure. But crowd panics, market bubbles and other collective actions seem to be built into our species. 

Science of happiness moves to the workplace

Surveys find more than half of American job seekers cite the need for more meaningful work, engagement and recognition.

Anatomy of fake news

Students have created a website that shines a light on the modern scourge of bogus “news”