eyes children UC Riverside

The science of learning social cues

The eye patterns of children can help us learn about the development of anxiety and emotion.

smile direction UC Berkeley

Don't feel bad about feeling bad

Science says putting on a happy face for the sake of it can just make you feel worse.

UC San Diego fingers crossed

Watching children learn how to lie

Fear not — it's an important developmental first step.

UC Berkeley inland empire jobs

How California's climate policies created an economic boon

Renewable energy provided more than 60,000 jobs to the Inland Empire, study finds.

wellness yoga UC Riverside

Increasing productivity by one day each month

Corporate wellness efforts boost the bottom line, a new study shows.

UCLA Billboard study

How Billboard misses out on what people actually want to hear

Major record companies push antisocial messages but consumers are open to other options.

UC Santa Barbara wind turbines

How to pass laws to fight climate change

Don't say climate change — 'renewable energy' is the phrase that gets things done, study finds.

child memories UC Davis

Remembrance of things past

Being able to reflect on our own memories improves through adolescence, boosting learning ability and IQ.

UC Merced social media

Do you post enough for your partner?

Two researchers explore how social media transforms romance, stress and more.

UC San Diego familiar faces

Why a familiar face is a friendlier one

Our emotional perception is profoundly altered when we already know someone.