Aiming for the final frontier

UCLA alumna has nailed the first big hurdle toward a one-way trip to Mars.

Black hole shreds a star

New study shows what happens during the destruction of a star as it falls into a black hole, contradicting a 2012 report of the disruption of an exotic helium star.
APOLLO moon laser

Source of ‘moon curse’ revealed by eclipse

When signals bounced off the lunar surface returned surprisingly faint echoes on full moon nights, scientists sought an explanation in reason rather than superstition.

Found: bright young galaxies

The four galaxies are among the earliest and most distant ever discovered.
Arizona meteorite

Space rocks hit UCLA

California's largest meteorite museum opens on campus.

What astronomers have seen through eyes of Keck

Stories, images from notable discoveries.
Night sky 4 billion years from now

Milky Way destined to collide with Andromeda galaxy

Our galactic neighbor galaxy is on a collision course with our own Milky Way galaxy, according to new observations.