volcanic outburst on Jupiter's moon Io

A hellacious two weeks on Jupiter’s moon Io

During a year-long series of observations, astronomers observed three of the largest outbursts ever observed on the moon.

Tidal forces gave moon its shape

Most of the moon's overall shape can be explained by taking into account tidal effects acting early in the moon's history.
geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus

Cassini finds geysers on icy Saturn moon

Scientists on NASA's Cassini mission have identified 101 distinct geysers erupting on Saturn's small, icy moon Enceladus.
Artist's rendering, Thirty Meter Telescope

Next-generation Thirty Meter Telescope to begin construction in Hawaii

The TMT has its roots at UC Santa Cruz, where astronomers have been working for years on the design of this powerful new telescope.
target chamber

Giant laser recreates extreme conditions inside planets

Using the world's largest laser, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and UC Berkeley have created the extreme temperatures and pressures found inside planets like Jupiter.

Astronomers detect two planets orbiting nearby ancient star

An international team of scientists has reported two planets orbiting a nearby and very old star known as Kapteyn's star.
aliens spacecraft

Aliens are almost surely out there

Berkeley's SETI says we're not alone. But can we find the money to find them?

Curiosity finds earthly similarities on Mars mission

UC scientists and engineers have been vital to the success of landing rover and conducting experiments on the Red Planet.
Steve and Mark Kelly

NASA study focuses on identical twins

UC San Diego researcher will look at how long-term space flight affects fluid pressure in the brain and its implications for vision, during and after space travel has ended.

Lick's Automated Planet Finder: first robotic telescope for planet hunters

In its first months of operation, the APF has found two new planetary systems, giving astronomers a taste of planetary riches to come.