, Buster Halcomb with granddaughter Serenity

It takes a UC village: Smoking cessation push goes high tech

University-wide program links health records with 1-800-NOBUTTS helpline.

woman smoking e-cigarette

Seven myths about e-cigarettes busted

Cell biologist Prue Talbot clears the air regarding the latest take on an old vice.

cigarette in ashtray

Investigating link between thirdhand smoke and cancer

Berkeley Lab gets $1.3M to study health impacts of the stubborn, noxious residue left behind from smoked tobacco.

Curing cancer, one tax return at a time

Check a box and fund two UC-administered cancer research projects — one helping young women preserve fertility and sexual health, the other creating a safer, more effective tool for early detection of lung cancer.
cigarette in ashtray

Toxic airborne pollutants linger long after tobacco smoke clears

Berkeley Lab researchers assess the health impacts of inhalable constituents of thirdhand smoke.
tobacco smoke

Smoking's $18.1 billion toll on California

Despite declines in numbers of smokers, related diseases account for one in seven deaths in the state — more than from AIDS, influenza or diabetes.