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UC military-affiliated students

This dashboard offers systemwide data on UC military-affiliated students including enrollment, demographics, majors, first-year retention and graduation rates, financial support, post-graduation outcomes, and student experience information. Military-affiliated students are defined as students who are active military, military reserve, national guard, or a military veteran.

First-generation college students

Systemwide data on first-generation undergraduates including enrollment, demographics, disaggregated race/ethnicity enrollment data, majors, first-year retention and graduation rates, and financial support information. First-generation college student is defined as a student where neither parent nor guardian have earned a four-year degree.

UC employee headcount

Employee headcount dashboard with October and April snapshots back to 2011.

UC employees, full-time equivalent (FTE)

FTE of personnel by category and fund source with October and April snapshots back to 2011, as well as fiscal year data.

Doctoral persistence and completion

​Persistence rates and 8 and 10 year degree completion rates for students pursuing the academic doctoral degree.


​Average time required to complete the doctoral degree among UC students, and AAU comparative data.

UC STEM degree pipeline

UC continues to be a leading producer of degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) within California.

Enrollment destinations of UC admits

The types of colleges and most common specific colleges that students admitted to UC end up enrolling.

UC alumni graduate degree outcomes

Graduate degree outcomes of UC graduates and the different post-UC earnings trajectories associated with the graduate degree completed.

UC undergraduate alumni outcomes in California

UC degree recipients go on to work in a wide variety of industries and experience a doubling of salary between 2 and 10 years after graduation.