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Information center

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California community college outreach programs

UC’s Community College outreach programs prepare California Community College students for transfer to postsecondary institutions.

UC longitudinal alumni dashboards

The UC longitudinal alumni dashboards visualize the enrollment, course and major choice, and long-run wage and employment outcomes of the hundreds of thousands of undergraduate students who have enrolled at the University of California since the 1960s.

K-12 schools directory

Information and academic outcomes for all California K-12 public schools.

UC-educated California public school teachers

UC is an important contributor to California's K-12 educational system. This dashboard highlights UC's role in educating and training tens of thousands of California public school teachers.

Graduate student UCGSES COVID-19 and remote learning

This dashboard shows graduate students’ responses to the UCGSES questions related to the effects of COVID-19 on student learning and remote learning experiences.

UC doctoral experience survey

UC doctoral students’ academic progress, skills, participation in professional development, satisfaction with advising and mentorship, sources of financial support, and career aspirations.

Employment and doctoral experience of PhD recipients

Employment outcomes and doctoral experiences of PhD recipients at the University of California gathered by survey.

CLIMB mobility analysis

Analysis of CLIMB data on economic mobility by demographic group, graduate degree attainment, household income and charitable contributions.

UC doctoral alumni survey

University of California Ph.D. recipients report career success and strong satisfaction with their graduate school education, according to a comprehensive survey of alumni from across all 10 UC campuses.