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Information center

Explore the UC story through data


Awards and proposals

Summary charts and data tables of sponsored project awards and proposals, including breakout tabs of federal and state funding./infocenter/

UC 2030 dashboard

This dashboard shows the UC 2030 goals in UC's multiyear framework.

Student financial support data tables

Financial aid awards to UC students by award source during the fall/winter/spring academic year and the full year including the summer term.

UC Graduate Student Experience Survey (UCGSES) data

The University of California Graduate Student Experience Survey (UCGSES) is a biennial survey of graduate and professional students administered at UC’s ten campuses.

Net cost of attendance

Financial support received, total cost of attendance, and net cost of attendance after financial support for undergraduate and graduate students.

Summer enrollment

Undergraduate and graduate summer enrollment, including cross-campus enrollment and breakdown by residency and visitor status.

Degrees awarded data

Degrees awarded by level, discipline, gender and ethnicity, with source school type for undergraduates.

UC Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) data

The University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES) is a biennial survey conducted at UC’s nine undergraduate campuses.

Comparative salaries of university leaders

Comparisons of salaries for leaders at UC and AAU institutions using data collected and published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.