Young Black man in headgear next to a map of the human brain

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Take a tour of your thoughts with the 'Glass Brain'
The Glass Brain is kind of like it sounds. It’s a colorful, 3-D window into all the mysterious activities that light up the brain.
California’s Institutes for Science and Innovation celebrate 20 years of research and discovery
Twenty years on, the four UC-based California Institutes of Science and Innovation are integral to addressing California's most pressing issues with research-driven innovation.
New solution to kill coronavirus on common surfaces in seconds
Cold atmospheric plasma via jet spray could be used to quickly disinfect hospitals, transport and more.
Lab team develops first-ever living 3D-printed aneurysm to improve surgical procedures, personalize treatments
The replica represents a significant step in developing better care for the 1 in 50 Americans who will suffer from brain aneurysms.