• How do our bodies fight off dangerous chemicals?

    Cells are like night club bouncers, says UC San Diego's Amro Hamdoun: With every substance that a cell encounters, it has to decide which to eliminate and which to let in.
  • How much sugar are you really eating?

    In the near future, the Nutrition Facts label on the back of packaged foods will have a new look and more information. UC Davis' Kimber Stanhope explains how this will reveal the amount of sugar that is added to our foods.
  • Arthur Reingold

    Ebola 101

    An infectious-disease expert at UC Berkeley offers a primer on the deadly Ebola virus.
  • New tactics, old foe: malaria

    Vector biologist Anthony James takes a fresh look at how mosquitoes transmit malaria and other diseases.
  • Mugs of beer

    Cure for the common hangover


    Pill mimics the action of the human liver, helping speed up the elimination of alcohol from the body.
  • Reaching smokers before lung cancer turns deadly

    UC Office of the President

    State tax filers can help fund cancer research, including studies to screen underserved smokers for lung cancer.
  • Going viral

    UC Irvine

    Virus detective tracks cure for common cold by seeking a way to stop viruses from replicating.