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Leaping lizards and dinosaurs inspire robot design

Leaping lizards have a message for robots: Get a tail!

A year of protest, progress and a very special prize

Just as Time magazine named the Protester as its person of the year, so did unrest shape much of 2011 for the…

Heart attacks, other emergencies spike during holidays

Stress, overeating and excessive partying could lead to an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.
UC Office of the President |

Regents chair Lansing with a message to UC community

UC Board of Regents chair Sherry Lansing says in a video statement that she is "shocked and appalled" by the…
UC Santa Barbara |

Winner of $1 Million X CHALLENGE has roots at UC Santa Barbara's Bren School

Innovative grooved-skimmer technology will transform oil spill response efforts.

Grads turn senior project into game design company

A new iPad game called Syz EG, now available from Apple's App Store, showcases the professional quality of the work…

Easily embarrassed? People will trust you more

A new study from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that people who are easily embarrassed are also more…

How the Milky Way got its spiral arms

UC Irvine astronomers have shown how the Milky Way galaxy's iconic spiral arms form.

Historians seek Port Chicago survivor accounts

Officials at the University of California, Berkeley's Regional Oral History Office are looking for first-hand accounts…
UC San Diego |

John Davies, regent emeritus, 1934-2011

San Diego attorney, civic leader and philanthropist John G. Davies, regent emeritus of the University of California and…

Dorothy Leland named UC Merced chancellor

Georgia College…
UC Newsroom |

Energy efficiency programs save UC $21 million per year

Improved light controls, such as those that are part of UC Davis' Smart Lighting Program, are among ways UC…