Wine glass UC San Diego

Happy hour: A second drink linked to staying sharp in old age, new study finds

Older adults with moderate regular alcohol intake found more likely to live to 85 without dementia.

UCSF sleep sheep

The science of sleep: A Q&A with neurology professor Ying-Hui Fu

From identifying how your genes want you to sleep to warding off Alzheimer's, learn the latest on shut-eye.

UC Irvine hair regulation

Fighting balding and unwanted hair growth at the same time

Understanding how hair grows in coordination across our bodies may provide the key to controlling it.

UCSF senior pain management

Chronic pain linked to increased dementia risk

Study exposes the need for a more holistic way of treating older adults.

UC Riverside baby learning

What infants can teach adults about learning

A new theory suggests how adults can never stop learning.

UC Berkeley deep sleep aging

Deep sleep may act as a fountain of youth

The real thing (not pill-induced sedation) can ward off mental and physical ailments.

Alzheimer's disease

UC scientists develop test to measure age-related Alzheimer's disease risk

First-of-its-kind score could promote earlier diagnosis and treatment.

Eyelashes UC San Diego

Beauty boosters: Medications with cosmetic benefits

Aging and skin conditions can be combatted in some surprising ways, says the director of UC San Diego Health.

Lou Gehrig UC Riverside

Researchers show how Lou Gehrig’s disease progression could be delayed

Study could lead to new drugs for spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s disease and some cancers.

UCSF dementia odor

Poor odor identification may be early warning for dementia

New study suggests olfactory testing might be a simple way to predict disease a decade before symptoms occur.