UCSF dementia odor

Poor odor identification may be early warning for dementia

New study suggests olfactory testing might be a simple way to predict disease a decade before symptoms occur.

UC San Diego sedentary

Too much sitting, too little exercise may accelerate biological aging

Older women with low physical activity and 10 hours of daily sit time had even 'older' cells.

A national study aims to find out how exercise influences health.

How exercise influences health

UC researchers take part in national study to identify molecules that contribute to improved health.


Alzheimer’s and concussion-related CTE may spread in the brain via common mechanism

Research is first to suggest that chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a prion disease.

Brain activity UC Santa Barbara

Brain's memory strategies change as you age

Activity patterns shift over time without affecting recall, new research shows.

UCSF mouse embryos

Researchers put mouse embryos in suspended animation

Development has potential implications for assisted reproduction, aging and even cancer.

UC San Diego older mothers

Older first-time mothers are also more likely to live longer

Study finds that women giving birth for first time later in life increase chances of living to 90.

UC President Napolitano and the 10 UC chancellors urge support for passage of Cures/Innovation legislation

Investment in National Institutes of Health research and innovation is vital to acclerating health treatments and cures for all Americans.

UC Berkeley Stall Catchers

New online game invites public to help fight Alzheimer’s

Help scientists find a cure by taking part in some citizen science.

UC San Diego aging crisis

Is the 'midlife crisis' a myth?

Despite physical ailments, scientists find that older adults are happier.