UC Santa Barbara Alzheimer's book

The brain game

A new book by UC Santa Barbara's Kenneth S. Kosik offers strategies for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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$177M gift will found Global Brain Health Institute to fight dementia

Atlantic Philanthropies funds UCSF and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, to stem the precipitous rise in dementia by training and connecting a new generation of leaders worldwide.

woman administering eye drops

Clearing cataracts with eye drops

Newly identified chemical compound restores transparency to mouse lenses and human lens tissue.

middle-aged man riding bicycle

Bike injuries rise, especially among older riders

Resurgence of cycling is taking a toll on middle-aged cyclists: More are getting hurt, and their injuries are more serious.

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More than 750,000 elderly Californians ‘unofficially’ poor

1 in 5 older adults have incomes above the federal poverty level, but still struggle to pay their expenses.

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Bone-building protein stimulates bone stem cells

Study results could mean good news for people with osteoporosis or those with traumatic bone injuries.
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Longevity hormone is lower in stressed and depressed women

The hormone klotho, which regulates aging and enhances cognition, offers possible new link between mind and body.
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Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains

Drug perks up old stem cells in both brains and muscles of mice, pointing the way to drug interventions for humans that would make aging tissues throughout the body act young again.
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The stranger within: Connecting with our future selves

Social psychologist studies the emotional disconnect between who we are now, and who we will be years from now.
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Healthy elders may hold key to fighting cancer

'Wellderly' may have unknowingly fought — and beaten — cancer; their immune systems may hint at how.