How to erase a memory – and restore it

Researchers have erased and reactivated memories in rats, profoundly altering the animals’ reaction to past events; development may bolster Alzheimer's research.

Smarts and long life, thanks to this gene

A common form of a gene already associated with longevity also improves learning and memory.

Young blood reverses brain aging

Study shows cognitive improvements in old mice when connected to the circulatory system of younger rodents.

New test detects Parkinson's-like disorder in young adults

Early signs of neurodegenerative ailment, normally not detected till middle age, now can be seen in adults as young as 30.

Experts question routine mammograms in elderly

Doctors should focus on life expectancy when deciding whether to order mammograms for their oldest female patients.

Older adults: Build muscle and you'll live longer

New research suggests that it's greater muscle mass — not a good body mass index — that makes older Americans less likely to die prematurely.

Blood test reveals Alzheimer's risk

Participants in UC Irvine’s Orange County Aging Study took part in breakthrough research project.

Great Recession pushes millions of adult children home

In California, older adults are paying a steep price for housing their boomerang kids.
mature man

Testosterone therapy linked to heart attacks in mature men

For men under 65, 'low-T' may pose less of a problem than the popular treatment. Men over 65 appear to be at greater risk, too.

Poor sleep in old age prevents us from storing memories

Memories get "stuck" — and eventually are erased — without deep sleep to move them to permanence.