Gender gap in STEM UC Santa Barbara

The STEM gender gap is not where you think

A UC Santa Barbara professor seeks to explain why certain countries are more likely to see women in STEM than others.

Statue of Liberty

UCLA prof helps capture immigrants' accounts of their first days in America

First Days Project website enables newcomers to share heartfelt recollections of arriving in the United States.

four name tags

‘Black’-sounding name conjures a larger, more dangerous person

People envision an unknown ‘black’-named character in similar ways to an unknown ‘white’-named male convicted of assault.


High-tech project will restore recorded Native American voices

Cutting-edge optical scanning technique developed by the Berkeley Lab promises to revitalize these old, fragile recordings. 

stealing money

Moral judgments soften with time and distance, study shows

People judge acts like lying, theft and assault to be wrong — but less wrong if those acts happened far away or long ago, UCLA-led research suggests.

Recent graduate Katie Slocum turned her love of coffee into an award-winning senior thesis that examined the supply chain of coffee beans from Honduras to the United States.

Coffee, from farm to cup

UC Santa Cruz anthropology student traces java's route from Central America to California for senior thesis.

New book explores myth of secularism in contemporary France

Anthropology professor Mayanthi Fernando’s new book provides insight to understanding Islamic culture and secularism in contemporary France.

Study traces ecological collapse over 6,000 years of Egyptian history

Ancient Egyptian artworks help scientists reconstruct how animal communities changed as climate became drier and human populations grew.
chimps in tree

What monkeys tell us about our thirst for booze

Robert Dudley discusses his new book, the evidence that our attraction to alcohol is an evolutionary adaptation, and what this means for efforts to prevent alcohol abuse.

Social media used to revive extinct language

Gabrielino-Tongva descendants learn Tongva through professor's Facebook page.