UC Santa Barbara Shinto

Shinto tradition to reach a new set of readers

UC Santa Barbara scholar creates the world's first book series outside of Japan on the Shinto tradition.

UC Berkeley bromance male friendship

Bromances may be good for men’s health

UC Berkeley study of rats shows that stress can bring males together, findings that also have implications for post-traumatic stress disorder.

UC Santa Barbara shame study

For shame: the science behind the social programming

Research by UC Santa Barbara scientists demonstrates that shame evolved as a mechanism for protecting social relationships.

Professor Arturo Arias UC Merced

Two UC Merced professors named campus's first MacArthur Chairs

Internationally recognized scholars granted the opportunity to pursue new horizons in humanities research.

Sang-Hee Lee UC Riverside

Anthropologist pens a best-seller in South Korea

A UC Riverside professor has won celebrity and acclaim with her book on evolutionary history, "Human Origins."

UCSD balloon photography at Petra

Cyber-archaeology, big data and the race to save threatened cultural heritage sites

How 21st century archaeology is digitally preserving ancient sites facing threats from extremism to climate change.

Gender gap in STEM UC Santa Barbara

The STEM gender gap is not where you think

A UC Santa Barbara professor seeks to explain why certain countries are more likely to see women in STEM than others.

Statue of Liberty

UCLA prof helps capture immigrants' accounts of their first days in America

First Days Project website enables newcomers to share heartfelt recollections of arriving in the United States.

four name tags

‘Black’-sounding name conjures a larger, more dangerous person

People envision an unknown ‘black’-named character in similar ways to an unknown ‘white’-named male convicted of assault.


High-tech project will restore recorded Native American voices

Cutting-edge optical scanning technique developed by the Berkeley Lab promises to revitalize these old, fragile recordings.