Mayan city UC Santa Barbara

Unearthing an ancient city

A modern-day Indiana Jones works to preserve the legacy of a Mayan city in a new film.

UC Davis phone wine

Wine industry leaders optimistic as millennials opt for premium wines

It turns out young people are willing to trade in beer cans for a glass of wine.

How parenting changes UC Irvine

How parenting has improved since the '60s

Almost all surveyed Western nations show an increase in child care time spent by both parents.

UC Riverside jerk research

Are you a jerk? Take the quiz

These 5 simple questions developed by a philosopher will help you figure out where you stand.

UC Berkeley

White racism linked to fatal heart disease for blacks and whites

Living in unabashedly racist communities can shorten lives, new study finds.

UC Irvine: Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

Why are we so afraid to leave children alone?

New research suggests social pressure exaggerates our fears about unsupervised children.

Baby broccoli UC Santa Barbara

Baby food for thought

You better eat your peas — what your baby wants on the menu is informed by you.

UC Berkeley tiny house

The psychology behind the tiny house movement

How these buildings reflect their dwellers' values, and why they've taken off.

Capuchin monkey UCLA

15 national treasures and the UCLA scientists working to save them

Experts from a variety of fields are developing new knowledge to help save these creatures.

UC Riverside evolution

Looking different than your parents can be an evolutionary advantage

New research has roots in ideas raised by Charles Darwin more than 150 years ago.