A child wearing a backpack and a mask

Why is it taking so long to approve a COVID-19 vaccine for kids?

UC Riverside vaccine expert David Lo explains the reasons behind the wait.

Lettuce on white background

Grow and eat your own vaccines?

A new project will study whether edible plants like lettuce into mRNA vaccine factories.

SARS-CoV-2 molecules in different colors

It’s not just SARS-CoV-2: Most respiratory viruses spread by aerosols

Our conventional wisdom on viral disease transmission needs revision, an international science team finds.

Black pregnant woman cradles stomach outdoors

COVID-19 during pregnancy associated with preterm birth

People of color face disproportionate infection risk while pregnant, large study finds.

Two men stare down into a sunlit valley

LGBTQ+ youth face increased anxiety amid COVID-19 pandemic

Using social media, research identifies stressors among an already vulnerable population.

Gomez Gil in hospital with UC San Diego Health team

Second breath: Region’s first double lung transplant for COVID-19 patient

Facing a ventilator-bound future, Federico Gomez Gil can finally breathe freely again, thanks to the help of a UC San Diego Health team.

Illustration of how the CRISPR COVID diagnostic works on a molecular level

Using two CRISPR enzymes, a COVID diagnostic in only 20 minutes

Eliminating RNA amplification simplifies and speeds up assay for SARS-CoV-2 virus, making it ideal for point of care testing.

Paper faces, signifying a group, mostly blue but a few red

Q&A: What is realistic when it comes to herd immunity?

When will we get back to normal? Dr. Chip Schooley, a national leader in getting students successfully back to campus, offers some insight.

A line of young masked elementary school students

As K-12 students return, schools shouldn’t obsess over pandemic ‘learning loss’

After months of turmoil and fear, it’s important to focus on emotional support for students and teachers, scholars say.

An older woman wearing a mask looks at her phone

Text-message ‘nudges’ can encourage holdouts to get COVID vaccination, study finds

The researchers said their findings held true across all demographics, including groups that have been hesitant to receive the vaccine.