Artists in front of a banner promoting vaccination with a giraffe on it

UC Davis earns national award for COVID-19 response

The Healthy Davis Together initiative has earned national acclaim for its holistic approach to addressing the COVID crisis.

Man with mask with a coronavirus illustrated next to him

How concerned should we be about the Delta variant?

Experts share their thoughts about the SARS-CoV-2 variant, which is now in nearly every state.

For rent sign in front of an apartment building

The ongoing urban exodus

Could San Francisco and L.A. become affordable again? Possibly, says economist Jan Brueckner.  

UCSF alumnus Stephen Hode, M.D. '03

Turns out, designing a COVID vaccine was easy

The hard part was everything that came next, says UCSF alum Stephen Hoge, president of Moderna

COVID app on a smartphone

Research aims for best ways to treat COVID-19 at home

10,000 participants sought for online, app-based surveys designed by UCLA, UC Merced and Illinois.

A worker receives a shot from a nurse

Cross-border effort to vaccinate 10,000 maquiladora workers

UC San Diego Health is vaccinating about 1,500 workers daily at a mobile clinic in Baja California.

Colorful illustration of a head outline with a brain inside and COVID-19 virus floating outside

Feeling post-lockdown anxiety? We’ve got you covered.

Experts provide advice on navigating COVID-19 reopenings and webinars to boost your resiliency.

A masked person getting a bandage after getting a shot

Should businesses require vaccines? That’s fine, most California voters say

The new Berkeley IGS Poll finds powerful vaccine resistance among GOP voters, however.

Frame of animated woman sneezing coming into focus

The COVID vaccine came out super quickly. Here’s why it’s safe.

COVID vaccines arrived with historic speed, but the science behind it isn't new. Years of research put us in a position to deliver vaccines both fast and safely. Our UC expert explains how we got here.

Rivera-Chávez working in the lab alongside Cinthia Garcia

A push to inoculate against vaccine disparities

Fabian Rivera-Chávez is working to communicate the safety and life-saving importance of COVID-19 vaccination in underserved communities.