Illustration of a heart

What is COVID doing to our hearts?

The disease may damage cardiac muscle even in those who never displayed symptoms.

Nurse holds card saying 'loss of smell'

Connection between COVID-19 and loss of smell uncovered by research team

About 70 percent of people with COVID-19 suddenly lose their sense of smell, although fewer seem to realize it, new analysis shows.

Cold plasma treating samples in a six-well plate

New solution to kill coronavirus on common surfaces in seconds

Cold atmospheric plasma via jet spray could be used to quickly disinfect hospitals, transport and more.

Giving blood banner

Critical blood shortages on the horizon unless enough donors step forward

You can save a life, even help someone fight COVID-19, by giving blood this holiday season — and it’s as safe as ever.

Woman standing in an airport

Holiday gatherings during COVID-19: What doctors say about traveling and family events

The good news is that there are ways to make a gathering safer.

Woman at airport, checking her cell phone

UC campuses pilot a smartphone app that aims to limit spread of COVID-19

The app uses privacy-first technology that allows users to receive automatic smartphone notifications of a potential exposure to the virus.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in a virtual meeting on COVID-19

3 UCSF faculty named to Biden-Harris transition COVID-19 advisory board

David A. Kessler, Eric Goosby and Robert M. Rodriguez will help guide planning for the president-elect’s federal response to the pandemic.

Coronavirus in a droplet illustration

Preparing for a winter with the coronavirus

How will staying indoors more frequently affect the spread of COVID-19?

In person voting clip art

Voting in person: Is it safe?

What you need to know about casting your ballot during COVID-19, according to an infectious disease specialist.

Blue glove holding a COVID-19 vaccine

Q&A: When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready?

Experts explain when a vaccine may be approved and how a COVID-19 vaccine is designed.