Woman in mask looks out the window

For COVID-19 long-haulers, few answers, but meditation and peer support offer some relief

As scientists try to understand lingering COVID-19 health issues, a new program hopes to give patients better tools to cope with the debilitating symptoms.

Black woman in mask looks at camera while socializing with friend outside

How to resocialize after the pandemic

COVID-19 took a toll on our relationships. Understanding why might help us come back together.

Woman on a plane wearing a mask alone in her row

Testing strategies for safer air travel during the pandemic

A new study offers much-needed data to airlines and states that have had little guidance on how to enable safe travel.

A woman rubs her eyes looking at computer

A new theory for Zoom fatigue

Scholar’s theory on what causes Zoom fatigue focuses on how the technology warps our sense of space in interactions.

Passport next to a syringe

Is this the age of the vaccine passport?

Experts look at the potential impact of the passports, which are likely to permeate travel, education and the workplace.

Dr. Carrie Byington administers a vaccine at Petco Park

Navigating a year of heartbreak and hope: Q&A with Dr. Carrie L. Byington, executive vice president of UC Health

A look at UC’s role in helping California respond to an unprecedented crisis.

Frida gratitude journal

COVID-19: A year in reflections

The UC community shares their stories of a year of hardship, courage and resilience.

A COVID-19 vaccine

How effective is the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine? Here’s what you should know

How it differs, how well it works against the new variants and whether you should be worried about transmitting the virus after vaccination.

Vaccine syringe by Susan Merrell

How robustly will individuals respond to the COVID-19 vaccine — and for how long?

Age, stress and lack of sleep contribute to response in a variety of vaccines. Is a COVID-19 booster shot next?

Student in mask looks at computer, bored

Decreases in exercise more closely linked with higher rates of depression during the pandemic

Disruption to physical activity is a leading risk factor for depression during this period, a new study shows.