COVID-19 wheel with dog smelling it

Can dogs detect COVID-19?

Some very good dogs are trying.

Arm bandaged after getting a flu shot

Why getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever in 2020

We may not have a vaccine for COVID-19, but we do have one for the flu. Help vulnerable populations this fall by getting your flu shot.

COVID-19 at a microscopic level

COVID-19 may have been in Los Angeles as early as last December, UCLA-led study suggests

An unexpected 50 percent uptick in patients presenting with respiratory illnesses may indicate pre-pandemic arrival of the coronavirus.

Nurse giving a flu shot to someone

COVID-19 vaccines are moving fast, but will Americans agree to get them?

A UCSF-led flu study sheds light on which groups are most likely to skip shots.

Overhead shot of young student learning on a tablet

Race and class can color teachers’ digital expectations for their students — with white students getting more encouragement

While providing access to technology is important, it won’t even the digital playing field. Embracing all students’ digital interests as opportunities for learning can help.

Keanu Velasquez

As classes kick off, UC students and advisers share secrets to succeeding in an unprecedented year.

Students are finding the silver lining and building community in new ways while staying at home.

Lab illustration

Some immune cells appear to ‘know’ the coronavirus, even though they’ve never met

Having had the common cold appears to have programmed some people’s immune cells to recognize the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Kids in a classroom in masks

How to reopen schools safely during COVID-19, according to pediatricians

UCSF doctors on what we know about COVID-19 in children, the safety precautions schools need to take, and the pros and cons of reopening schools.

Wildfire in Santa Cruz mountains

What to know about wildfire smoke and COVID-19

Worried that air pollution from wildfires could increase the severity of COVID-19 symptoms? Learn the risks and how to protect yourself.

COVID-19 antibody testing platform illustration

UC Irvine develops low-cost, accurate COVID-19 antibody detection platform

The portable imager could massively increase testing across the nation by the end of 2020.