Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe's long-term clarity trending toward stability

For the last decade, the lake's iconic blue waters have stayed clearer than in past decades, but still haven't reached goals for clarity.

Engineer's invention makes dirty water reusable

Gray2Blue system cleans up a home's gray water for reuse in irrigating the garden. It could save Californians billions of gallons of clean water every day.
dried body of water

About California's drought

UC researchers offer insights on coping with the state's extended dry spell.
dying pines

Climate's one-two punch

The combination of drought and warming climate may have major environmental consequences.

Ranchers anticipate devastating impact from drought

Ranching, which depends on rain-fed systems rather than groundwater or stored water, is particularly vulnerable.

Why state’s water woes could be just beginning

1976-77 drought could be mild in comparison: Paleoclimatologist believes we could be facing the driest water year in 500 years.