worker installs pipe

UC Davis saves 61 million gallons of water a year

New process in campus cooling system will result in a 9 percent cut in the amount of potable water used.
Hoover Dam

California tackles water-energy interdependence by getting decision-makers to talk

UC and the U.S. Department of Energy are leading with a jointly sponsored workshop with utilities, regulators and researchers from throughout the West.
Lake Mead, Nevada

A third of world's biggest groundwater basins are in distress

Reserves are likely far smaller than previously thought, and some may have only decades left before running dry.
Some of the researchers invoved in the project are (l to r) Jason Worden (PowWow Energy); Rich Wolski (UCSB Department of Computer Science); Roland Geyer, (UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science & Management); Chandra Krintz (UCSB Department of Compute

From data to tomato

UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis and PowWow Energy receive funding from the California Energy Commission to deploy method to measure groundwater use and to help growers deal with state's water crisis.
UCLA Intramural Field

UCLA doing its part to save millions of gallons of water per year

Replacing the 8 acres of turf on the IM Field is a key part of the university’s response to California’s historic drought.

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Dealing with drought Down Under

Melbourne, Australia, cut its water use by half during its worst-ever drought without rate hikes.
lush lawn, UC Riverside

Universities have ideas on how cities will meet water-rationing mandates

California's college campuses are like mini-cities, and are on the leading edge of water conservation.
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How climate change is making California’s epic drought worse

Studies suggest that climate change might give rise to a new climate regime, one in which the years of low precipitation will be accompanied by warm conditions.
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California’s water paradox: why enough will never be enough

We are a land-rich but water-limited state, and increased supply leads to more demand.
Project scientist Sarah Kimball gathers samples from an experimental plot, one of several in which UCI researchers subject local vegetation to water deprivation in order to study the results.

National conference opens flow of ideas on drought

Top researchers, public officials and policymakers converge at UC Irvine to discuss extreme water shortages and how to handle them.