State of the lake: high (tech) and dry at Tahoe

Drought, climate change and other natural and human factors are driving changes at Lake Tahoe.

Drought and humans combine for dangerous fire season

Ten major wildfires are blazing in California; several more are burning in Oregon and Washington.
Colorado River Basin

Parched West is using up underground water

UC Irvine/NASA study points to grave implications for water supply.
Dry fields and hills, San Joaquin, CA

California agriculture faces greatest water loss ever seen

New report sounds warning on over-reliance on groundwater reserves.

Sustainability conference brings together state’s colleges

Annual meeting provides venue for sharing best green practices among UC, CSU, community colleges and private universities.

Drought's steep price for Central Valley agriculture

Industry may lose more than $1 billion; thousands of workers may lose their jobs.

A thirst for knowledge

Attacking the drought from all perspectives — that’s the power of public.

UC drought summit dives deep in state Capitol

UC experts discuss how California can respond to droughts.

Researchers melt snow to see climate change impacts

The timing of snowmelt has implications for soil quality and, in turn, how things grow.
dry river bed

Long dry spells ahead

By century's end, some parts of the world will have as much as a month less rainfall.