UC Davis |

Fish survival depends on these dams

New tool identifies almost 200 dams — including some of California's largest — as having flows that may be too low to sustain healthy fish populations.
UC Merced |

Students battle for sustainability supremacy

The 2014 Water Battle — to see which residence hall can save the most water, by making just a few simple changes — runs from Oct. 1-31.
UC Davis |

State of the lake: high (tech) and dry at Tahoe

Drought, climate change and other natural and human factors are driving changes at Lake Tahoe.
UC Irvine, UC Merced |

Warmer climate means greener mountains, less water for Californians

Sierra Nevada freshwater runoff could drop 26 percent by 2100, caused by increased plant growth at higher elevations.
UC San Diego |

Severe drought is causing the western U.S. to rise

The western U.S. is rising — literally — as water dwindles away. Scientists are using GPS technology to track the uplift from massive loss of water, estimated at 62 trillion gallons.
UC Newsroom |

Drying Sierra meadows could worsen California drought

Weather-related changes threaten key natural regulator of the region's water flow.
UC Davis and UC Merced |

California has given away rights to far more water than it has

Researchers reveal state is overextended and is using complicated and outdated water policies.
UC Davis |

Drought and humans combine for dangerous fire season

Ten major wildfires are blazing in California; several more are burning in Oregon and Washington.
UC Irvine |

Parched West is using up underground water

UC Irvine/NASA study points to grave implications for water supply.
UC Davis |

California agriculture faces greatest water loss ever seen

New report sounds warning on over-reliance on groundwater reserves.
UC Newsroom |

Sustainability conference brings together state’s colleges

Annual meeting provides venue for sharing best green practices among UC, CSU, community colleges and private universities.
UC Davis |

Drought's steep price for Central Valley agriculture

Industry may lose more than $1 billion; thousands of workers may lose their jobs.