Earth science

Illustration of an astroid hitting early Earth

Large asteroids likely delayed complex life on Earth

Bombardment of Earth’s surface by asteroids six or more miles long likely delayed the accumulation of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. 

Land cracked from heat

It’s not just hot. It’s dangerous

Physicians advise on how to stay safe and hydrated as an already record-breaking summer proceeds.

Illustration shows a Super Venus planet on the left and a Super Earth on the right.

UC Riverside joins forces with NASA on missions to Venus

The trips hope to illuminate how Earth’s evil twin became uninhabitable.

Volcano in Iceland erupting

Up close with Iceland’s new (and erupting) volcano

A geology professor witnesses the birth of Iceland’s newest volcano, which is still erupting.

UCLA water faucet

UCLA to assess California drinking water systems to identify risks and solutions

An analysis of this scope has never been done before in the state.

A drone with wildfire in the background

A search engine tool for first responders

Real-time text, photo and video data could help first responders better allocate resources when disaster strikes.

Moonlander on the moon

UC Berkeley to put an experiment on the surface of the moon in the next 2 years

Among the select few chosen by NASA to put a project on the moon, campus scientists now race to get ready.

Sierra Nevada forest dried out

Massive forest die-off in Sierra Nevada caused by multiyear drought

Nearly 80 percent loss at some elevations shows the devastating consequences of abnormally dry conditions.

Artist's drawing of the tidal wave created by a massive meteor strike 66 million years ago.

66 million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteor

Researchers have found an unprecedented fossil site that tells the story of Earth’s last mass extinction event.

UC Riverside atmosphere map

Could atmospheric seasons signal alien life?

Seasonal changes in the Earth’s atmosphere are guiding researchers in their search for extraterrestrial life.