Global Food Initiative

Student-athletes share scrambler recipes in dining commons

UC Davis women's soccer and men's golf teams square off in friendly competition Feb. 4 that promotes good nutrition.
UC Global Food Initiative student fellows from UC Irvine include (from left) Ankita Raturi, Sally Geislar, Crystal Hickerson, Alexander Fung and Victoria Lowerson-Bredow.

Students step up to address food issues

UC Global Food Initiative student fellows discuss projects at UC Irvine open house.
Kids learning about healthy eating

Comprehensive program helps improve children's eating habits

Obesity has decreased among Sacramento County school children since Shaping Healthy Choices implemented.
(From left) Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan and Garrison Sposito talk at the kickoff of the Edible Education course at UC Berkeley.

Food education streams into the spotlight

The Edible Education 101 course at UC Berkeley kicked off Monday (Jan. 26) with a lecture by Michael Pollan not only for students but also live-streamed for the public.
lentils (iStock)

Lentils, a mighty force for improving the food system

'Lentil Underground,' a new book by a recent Ph.D. and ongoing researcher at UC Berkeley, makes the case that lentils could help restore American farmland and farmers whose soil and profits have been depleted by decades of industrial agriculture.

Q&A with Rose Hayden-Smith, UC Food Observer

UC has launched UC Food Observer, featuring must-read news on food policy, nutrition, agriculture and more. Find out more in this Q&A with UC Food Observer curator Rose Hayden-Smith, a UC academic, author and historian.
boiled egg (iStock)

Chemists find a way to unboil eggs

It may not improve your cooking, but it could reduce costs for cancer treatments, food production and other segments of biotech.
Fluorescent seedlings will help a robotic cultivator target weeds in planted fields like this one in the Salinas Valley.

Faster, more accurate weed control

UC Davis is developing a robotic cultivator to control weeds more effectively, affordably and sustainably.
The newly planted pizza garden at the UC Desert Research and Extension Center in Holtville.

Growing a healthier pizza

Pie-shaped garden helps educate kids about healthy food choices.
“I wanted to open an interesting place where people want to be,” says 2008 UC Irvine graduate Brandon Fender, who co-owns The Good Beer Co. and created Anteater Ale. “Beer, community and a beautiful building – this is the embodiment of my passions.”

A golden example

UC Irvine homecoming festival will feature special Anteater Ale, created by alum, in celebration of the campus’s 50th anniversary.