Global Food Initiative

Food luminaries to light up spring semester

The Berkeley Food Institute is drawing Mark Bittman and other food and agriculture experts from across the country to address challenges and find solutions to problems in the food sector.
African Plant Breeding Academy launch

New plant breeding academy graduates to improve Africa’s ‘orphan’ crops

UC Davis-run academy is designed to increase food security and help eliminate malnutrition and stunting among Africa’s youth.

Brewing up an industry

UC San Diego alumni help lead San Diego’s growing microbrew industry.

Can organic crops compete with industrial agriculture?

An analysis of 115 studies comparing organic and conventional farming finds that the crop yields of organic agriculture are higher than previously thought.
Winning entries, Food College contest

Playing with food pays off for UC Produce Collage Contest winners

Fine art and late night comedy inspired the creators of the winning entries.
Staff members from UC Santa Barbara's sustainability, housing and dining teams met with counterparts from UC Merced as well as area farmers and Harvest Santa Barbara.

One to grow on

UC system aims to cultivate relationships with small farms throughout California.


Life in America: Hazardous to immigrants’ health?

Over time, the health status of immigrant groups tends to decline. Public health researchers are untangling the causes and promoting solutions.
Thanksgiving foods

12 things you didn't know about holiday foods

To highlight the UC Global Food Initiative, here is a sampling of holiday-themed UC food research from each campus.
'Instant Recess' at UCLA

Healthy Campus Initiative helps inspire new nationwide program

UCLA is one of 20 colleges and universities participating in the Partnership for a Healthier America’s program of the same name.

UCSF launches sugar science initiative

Research and education project is designed to highlight the impact of added sugar on health.