coastal sea ice, Arctic Ocean

Formation of coastal sea ice drives ocean circulation

Analysis of North Pacific ocean circulation finds that sea ice formation influences climate on regional and global scales.

ship sailing through polar ice

Leading thinkers address polar region changes

Global climate change’s impact on the poles will be focus of an upcoming meeting hosted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the American Polar Society.

man in Indonesian fish market

Our fish comes with a side order of debris

A quarter of the fish sampled at markets in California and Indonesia has consumed plastic or man-made fiber material.

CO2 micromotor graphic

Tiny motors rev up to tackle rising carbon dioxide levels

Machines much smaller than the width of a human hair could one day help clean up ocean pollution.

Satellite image, Hurricane Katrina in Gulf of Mexico

Amazon fire risk, devastating hurricanes linked

Warmer-than-usual waters in the North Atlantic contribute to both phenomena.

male elephant seal

Male elephant seals use voice recognition to identify rivals

In competition for mates, males recognize the distinctive calls of their rivals and avoid costly fights by remembering who's dominant.

two-spot octopus

Octopus genome reveals cephalopod secrets

Researchers are closer to discovering the genes involved in the creature’s ability to change skin color and texture, and to move its eight arms independently.

Pacific octopus stalks shrimp

Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior

They gather in groups, scare their prey, and get far more intimate than most other sea creatures.


Climate change causes timing shifts in fish reproduction

Warmer ocean temperatures affect seasonal cycles, study finds.

moving snow at WISSARD drill site

Temperature's rising beneath West Antarctic ice sheet

Research team reports first direct measurement of geothermal heat flow rising from deep within the Earth to the bottom of the ice sheet.