Pacific octopus stalks shrimp

Octopus shows unique hunting, social and sexual behavior

They gather in groups, scare their prey, and get far more intimate than most other sea creatures.


Climate change causes timing shifts in fish reproduction

Warmer ocean temperatures affect seasonal cycles, study finds.

moving snow at WISSARD drill site

Temperature's rising beneath West Antarctic ice sheet

Research team reports first direct measurement of geothermal heat flow rising from deep within the Earth to the bottom of the ice sheet.

Protecting the deep sea

Researchers call for balancing commercial extraction of deep-sea resources with protection of diverse seabed habitats.
variety of ocean fish

Exit dinosaurs, enter fishes

The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs gave rise to the modern ‘Age of Fishes.’
elegant terns on the beach

Why have the seabirds gone?

Warming waters and fishing pressure are driving nesting seabirds away from their ancestral breeding ground in the Gulf of California into northern harbors.

Suit up like a mantis shrimp

Tough crustacean inspires new body armor and football helmet designs.
Elkhorn Slough

Fertilizer 'dead zones' are killing fish

Nutrient-rich runoff from land takes a toll on fish nurseries in coastal estuaries and subsequently on commercial fisheries.
red rock shrimp

Cloudy shrimp, thanks to ocean acidification

Increased acidity is linked to more calcium in shrimp shells and, as a result, decreased shrimp transparency.
California two-spot octopus hatchling

Octopus skin 'sees' without eyes

A new study demonstrates that an octopus’s skin possesses the same cellular mechanism for detecting light as its eyes do.