squid illustration

Exploring technology of squid skin

Protein called reflectin could be used to improve performance of biomedical devices.
giant kelp

Tracking giant kelp from space

Marine researchers turn to citizen scientists to help investigate the ‘redwoods of the ocean.’
giant sea bass

Tallying numbers of giant sea bass

Researchers want recreational divers and snorkelers to report any and all sightings of this once overfished species.

Marine bacteria are natural source of chemical fire retardants

Some natural compounds closely mimic toxic man-made chemicals that disrupt human hormones.

Young researcher discovers source of disco clams’ light show

Four years after falling in love with the cute little mollusk, graduate student Lindsey Dougherty has unlocks its secret.
Hoyo Negro dive site.

Researchers document underwater cave and ancient remains

CISA3 divers discover evidence of a much-earlier 'visitor' to pristine submerged cave site.

Scientists look for pathogen that's killing sea stars

UC Santa Cruz monitoring program is helping to pinpoint what's causing decimation of key coastal species.
elephant seals

Elephant seals shed light on climate changes

High-tech tracking of how and where these ocean creatures live is painting a picture of how ecosystems are influenced.
Eliot Crafton

Avoiding alien marine invaders

UC grad student’s tool maps where non-native species are likely to take hold.

Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes

Inspired by tiny crustacean, researchers design composite material stronger than standard used in airplane frames.