An ocean of plastic

New report by UC Santa Barbara-based research center calculates the magnitude of waste going into the world's seas.
Hopkins' rose nudibranch

Roses bloom in tide pools

Bright pink, inch-long sea slugs have shown up in the highest numbers and northernmost locations reported since the El Niños of 1998 and 1983.
dying sea star - USGS photo

Virus identified as top suspect in sea star wasting disease

Scientists remain puzzled over what triggered the current devastating outbreak, since virus that appears to cause the disease is not a newcomer.
marine gravity model of the North Atlantic

New map exposes details of seafloor

Mysteries of the deep come alive as satellite data bring thousands of uncharted sea mountains and new clues about deep ocean structures into focus.
Humpback whale tail

Rating the planet's oceans

UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis helped produce the first Ocean Health Index that includes all the Earth’s oceans.
sea otter

California's sea otter numbers hold steady

Annual population census indicates the threatened species is slowly swimming toward recovery.

The fix is in

Researchers synthesize a polymer that can repair itself in wet conditions.
squid illustration

Exploring technology of squid skin

Protein called reflectin could be used to improve performance of biomedical devices.
giant kelp

Tracking giant kelp from space

Marine researchers turn to citizen scientists to help investigate the ‘redwoods of the ocean.’
giant sea bass

Tallying numbers of giant sea bass

Researchers want recreational divers and snorkelers to report any and all sightings of this once overfished species.