Great white shark in profile

Sniffing out sharks

A white shark’s acute sense of smell is legendary. Now humans can sniff them out as well.

Flip flops header

A guilt-free flip-flop

Affordable, sustainable footwear is possible — thanks to the power of algae.

sea turtle

The last wild ocean

Only 13 percent of the ocean can still be classified as wilderness.

Tiger shark at Shark Park

Welcome to shark park

UC Davis shark-tagging research helps make North America's biggest marine protected area seven times larger.

Sea star UCTV video still

How California's sea stars are evolving past a devastating pandemic

Sea star wasting disease provides a rare opportunity to watch a species bounce back from near-total collapse.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Grad student discovers first known manta ray nursery

The habitat is the first of its kind to be described in the world.

UC Riverside tap water

Toilet-to-tap water gets its first blind taste test

The results will definitely surprise you.

UC Santa Cruz Mavericks

Surfing into the history books

If weather allows, alumna Sarah Gerhardt may be among the first women to take on the Mavericks big-wave contest.

UC Irvine water hot spots

UC Irvine-led study identifies ‘hot spots’ of unsafe drinking water

Problems are more frequent in low-income, rural areas of the nation.

UC Santa Cruz offshore

Trump’s push for new offshore drilling is likely to run aground in California

The effort to expand offshore oil production reignites a battle with California that dates back nearly 50 years.