Private giving

Other Minds UC Santa Cruz

Other Minds donates archives to UC Santa Cruz

Music organization provides nearly 70 years of cutting-edge composer recordings, programs, and more.

UC Davis Tschannen

Record generosity: $38.5 million for UC Davis vision science

Ernest Tschannen's unprecedented gift will support UC Davis Health System's Center for Vision Science and the UC Davis Eye Center, where he was a patient.

UC Irvine nursing

Sue and Bill Gross commit $40 million to establish UC Irvine nursing school

Largest single gift ever to campus will help address critical health care needs.

A generous donation from Leonard and Wendy Goldberg will provide resources to help UCLA identify better treatments for migraine.

$10 million gift to UCLA is largest to support migraine research

Donation from philanthropists Wendy and Leonard Goldberg could help alleviate suffering for millions worldwide.

elderly men chatting

$177M gift will found Global Brain Health Institute to fight dementia

Atlantic Philanthropies funds UCSF and Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, to stem the precipitous rise in dementia by training and connecting a new generation of leaders worldwide.

kids in class with laptops

David Geffen donates $100M to launch school for grades 6-12

Geffen Academy at UCLA will serve as model for contemporary education, provide students access to campus learning opportunities and facilities.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Gift will launch Scripps climate center

$5M gift will seed Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation.

Artist's conception, Kepler 186f

Investor joins in $100M search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Breakthrough Prize founder Yuri Milner joins 10-year commitment to ramp up SETI.
Charles 'Chuck' Feeney

UCSF receives $100M gift

Philanthropist Chuck Feeney's gift โ€” which makes him the UC system's single largest donor โ€” will support new Mission Bay hospitals, scholarships, faculty and research programs.

Blum poverty initiative launches in fall 2015

Gift to UC Riverside from former chair of UC Regents will support effort aimed at solving poverty-related issues in the Inland Empire region.