UC Berkeley wandering mind study

Does your mind jump around, stay on task or get stuck?

Increased awareness of our thoughts at rest could lead to better mental health.

UCLA antidepressants

Brain wave recordings predict whether antidepressants will work

UCLA study finds noninvasive method that may help speed relief from the disorder.

UC Berkeley professor success Conversation

What is the secret to success?

Two researchers set out to understand why some people have the grit to persevere.

“How to Sleep Better: And the Secret Power of Naps,” is a free, online course offered by Sara Mednick of UC Riverside.

How to sleep better

UC Riverside professor offers free course online to improve sleeping patterns.

UC Santa Barbara Hindu women

Understanding human belief

Researchers make a breakthrough in quantifying belief system dynamics behind religion and politics.

Google UC Santa Cruz

The more you Google, the more likely you are to keep Googling

"Let me Google that for you" may not be so good for us after all.

UC San Diego loneliness study

Feeling lonely? Study says it's in your DNA

Research finds loneliness is hereditary, part of a biological warning system for our social health.

UCLA mindfulness kids

Mindfulness helps children as young as 3 manage their emotions during school

An innovative new program is helping students deal with stress and focus on schoolwork.

UC Riverside jerk research

Are you a jerk? Take the quiz

These 5 simple questions developed by a philosopher will help you figure out where you stand.

UC Irvine selfies photo camera

Study links selfies and happiness

Smartphones aren't always negative — for stressed-out college students, sharing photos boosts positive feelings.