UCLA alcoholism

Drug shows promise for treating alcoholism

An anti-inflammatory medication appears to reduce cravings and improve mood.

UCLA colored patterns

Analyzing brain patterns may help neuroscientists reduce fear

UCLA-led research offers promise for treating anxiety, eating disorders.

UCLA choosing a gift

Science says the gift you should give is..

A professor finds out what kind of present will make the recipient feel more connected to you.

UC Riverside half full

Pessimists — You aren’t alone in feeling down

New study shows even optimists get the blues.

UCLA Depression Grand Challenge takes major strides in first year

100,000-person study and international collaborations already underway.

UC Berkeley Westworld

How long does it take to tell a human from an android?

A new study suggests it's quicker than you think.

UC Santa Cruz Artie Konrad

Fostering the well-being of billions

UC alum Artie Konrad combines psychology and tech on Facebook projects that help people connect.

UC Berkeley wandering mind study

Does your mind jump around, stay on task or get stuck?

Increased awareness of our thoughts at rest could lead to better mental health.

UCLA antidepressants

Brain wave recordings predict whether antidepressants will work

UCLA study finds noninvasive method that may help speed relief from the disorder.

UC Berkeley professor success Conversation

What is the secret to success?

Two researchers set out to understand why some people have the grit to persevere.