UCLA yoga seniors pre-Alzheimer's

To reduce pre-Alzheimer’s cognitive impairment, get to the yoga mat

UCLA study finds yoga, meditation more effective than memory-boosting exercises.

UC Irvine apple watch

How Apple Watch and pervasive computing can lure you into leveling up your fitness

A UC Irvine professor explains how technology taps into our love of a challenge — and a pat on the back.

UCLA homeless veteran

Leading homeless veterans back into the mainstream of life

UCLA scientists are on a quest to discover the brain-based obstacles hindering vets even after they find homes.

UC Santa Cruz virtual reality

Experiencing the 6-by-9 world of solitary confinement

The Guardian's virtual reality project with a UC Santa Cruz professor puts viewers inside a concrete cell.

Sesame Riverside

Children trust ‘smart’ characters on television

New UC Riverside study finds that figures viewed as clever help preschoolers model problem-solving behavior.

UC Riverside cheating

Cheaters never win, new study finds

A UC Riverside sociologist's experiment shows that selfish behavior lowers levels of happiness.

UC Berkeley word atlas

How your brain files away words

View a colorful "semantic atlas" built by UC Berkeley scientists that illustrates how we process language.

UC San Diego EEG brain stopping system

Lost that thought? A new study may help you find it

Research from UC San Diego suggests our internal "stopping system" applies to body and mind alike.

UC Berkeley childhood book

Reinventing childhood in the 21st century

What are the differences between helicopter and "frontier" parenting? A UC Berkeley professor explores.

UCLA laughter study

Friends or not? Just a second of laughter can reveal relationship status

A UCLA study finds that listeners across the globe can tell a lot from your laugh.