man at window (Getty Images)

The Grand Challenge of combating depression

Genetic study of 100,000 people will be the largest ever on a single disorder.

pilots in cockpit

Mission impossible?

Humans just aren't cut out for tedious jobs like monitoring a computer screen — even if the consequences of failure are dire.

teen girls taking selfie

Uncovering the secrets of the adolescent brain

Big data study will explore the developing minds and brains of 10,000 children.

mother and baby

Babies time their smiles to make their moms smile back

A toddler-like robot allows researchers to confirm their findings — and to help study non-verbal children and adults.

family dinner

The shifting concept of 'home'

New book examines how conventional nuclear-family-in-suburbia model has evolved into unique ‘lifespaces’ in 21st century America.

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Male or female? It's not always so simple

Researchers are studying the biological origins of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Aerial view of grand canyon

How awe makes us generous

A new study from UC Berkeley and UC Irvine finds that feeling small in nature makes us more generous to other humans.


How to convince vaccine skeptics — and how not to

UCLA and University of Illinois psychologists find a way to change minds.

beach romance

Summer romance: Will it last?

UC Irvine researchers apply scientific method to study of how we receive affectionate messages.

Study may show way to predict autism or psychosis in children with genetic disorder

UCLA-led research may help lead to earlier, more targeted intervention for people with DiGeorge syndrome.