UC Davis nitrogen

How California can balance nitrogen's benefits and harm

First-of-its-kind UC Davis study of nitrate pollution offers path to reconcile agriculture and the environment.

UC Davis sunflower rows

Why sunflowers move like clockwork

Scientists discover new hormonal mechanisms in the sun-worshipping plant.

Conference particpants got out into the fields of local farms and ranches including the UC Santa Cruz Farm.

National conference marks 10 years of growth in sustainable agriculture education

UC Santa Cruz hosts meeting of sustainable ag educators with focus on 'The Ecology of Food Systems.'

A music video created by David Robles, a Global Food Initiative Fellow, about how students create community through farming and food systems, was screened at the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association conference.

Advocates for social and food justice

UC Santa Cruz students show how agriculture and food systems can build community.

UC Davis Guatemala

Bringing more irrigation and climate-smart farming to Guatemala

A UC Davis-led team is equipping thousands with better tools to increase food security and reduce poverty.

Africa malaria

How building new dams is adding to Africa’s malaria burden

A UC Irvine researcher suggests a range of approaches for controlling disease while meeting infrastructure needs.

Sustainable agriculture educators will gather at the UC Santa Cruz farm and other campus locations for the seventh national conference of the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association July 29-31.

Sustainable agriculture educators to gather at UC Santa Cruz

National conference focuses on practical aspects of teaching, learning about food systems, food justice.

Members of the first place team in the Apps for Ag hackathon, GivingGarden, (from left) Scott Kirkland, Josh Livni, Deema Tamimi and John Knoll.

Apps for Ag hackathon winners announced

Top prize goes to produce-sharing app that provides gardening advice from the UC Master Gardener Program.

UC Santa Barbara computer scientist Chandra Krintz is testing her SmartFarm technology at Sedgwick Reserve, pictured, among other locations in the region.

Farm aid

UC Santa Barbara Sustainability Champion moves closer to goal of enabling smarter farming through technology.

UC Davis vineyard

Local microbes can predict wine’s chemical profile

A wine's "fingerprint" could help with quality control, UC Davis finds.