Members of the first place team in the Apps for Ag hackathon, GivingGarden, (from left) Scott Kirkland, Josh Livni, Deema Tamimi and John Knoll.

Apps for Ag hackathon winners announced

Top prize goes to produce-sharing app that provides gardening advice from the UC Master Gardener Program.

UC Santa Barbara computer scientist Chandra Krintz is testing her SmartFarm technology at Sedgwick Reserve, pictured, among other locations in the region.

Farm aid

UC Santa Barbara Sustainability Champion moves closer to goal of enabling smarter farming through technology.

UC Davis vineyard

Local microbes can predict wine’s chemical profile

A wine's "fingerprint" could help with quality control, UC Davis finds.

UC Riverside citrus safety

UC Riverside teams up with citrus industry to fight epidemic

A new building will allow scientists to expand citrus greening disease research.

Scrub Jay UC Natural Reserve System

Rare scrub jay helps regrow oak forests

These Johnny Appleseeds are reversing ranching damage on Santa Cruz Island, UC scientists find.

UC Davis bees

Deciphering the mysterious decline of honey bees

New research can help these pollinators beat back threats, writes a UC Davis scientist.

Richard and Evelyne Rominger to receive the UC Davis Medal

Family deeply rooted in UC Davis and California agriculture.

UC Riverside bacteria

Exploiting male-killing bacteria to control insects

A UC Riverside scientist's discovery of a lethal, sex-specific mechanism may help manage pest species in the future.

Wildfire UC

Not just climate change: Study finds human activity is a major factor driving wildfires

People are responsible for more than 90 percent of California fires, says a UC Berkeley scientist.

free-range chickens

How California's chicken industry is rapidly changing

Q&A with UC Davis' Maurice Pitesky about the shift to pastured, cage-free systems and impacts on backyard chicken farmers.