Eitaro Ishigaki

Bringing attention to overlooked artists

Art history professor is on a detective mission to find works produced by Asian-American artists from the early 20th century.

Author wins major literary award

Nalo Hopkinson receives the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Grateful Dead

Dead's legacy lives on at Santa Cruz

Collection of iconic band's materials is one of many rich archives entrusted to UC.
classic film scene

Archive captures breadth of moving pictures

Big screen or small, UCLA's Film & Television Archive has this medium covered.

Remembering lives lost

California poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera's poems honor victims of bus crash, Kansas City shootings

In dust of WWII camps, Japanese culture blossomed

One woman's quest for answers about the war years ultimately led to a film on Japanese internment and its impact on the arts.
Christina Corfield

Using art to reimagine history

What is it like to get a Ph.D. in the arts? We sat down with a UC Santa Cruz graduate student to find out.

Professor wins book award for Haiti memoir

Amy Wilentz is honored by the National Book Critics Circle.
Susan Straight

SoCal author is a Straight-up original

Riverside native and longtime professor Susan Straight will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes.

Mathematicians bring snow to life for Disney's 'Frozen'

UCLA researchers help create what are arguably the most realistic, animated snow scenes in any film.