UC Santa Cruz Klingon

From Klingon to Dothraki: Understanding invented languages

Students will explore why people make up new dialects.

Obama UC Berkeley

Through the lens of hope: Obama’s videographer debriefs

The UC Berkeley alum who brought us some of the White House's most informal moments reflects on her remarkable job.

Pre-Health Dreamers

Meet the UC honorees of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list

Young alums with ties to nearly every campus earn recognition for their innovations.

UC Santa Cruz Marvel

How a UC Santa Cruz alum became diversity’s superhero

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief wants fans of all backgrounds to see themselves on the page.

UC Merced fake news

The challenge facing libraries in an era of fake news

In today's unpredictable information environment, how might academic librarians rethink their role?

Moana UCLA

Mathematicians bring ocean to life for Disney’s ‘Moana’

Professor and alum make movie magic.

UC Santa Cruz Rachel Carson

A year of risks and rewards

Scientific advancements, student achievements and a new 'collision space' cap off a remarkable 2016.

Hasan Minhaj UC Davis

Comedian's homecoming

Alum Hasan Minhaj tackles weighty national and local issues in his one-man show.

UC Irvine super Santa

Santa vs. superheroes

Physics professor compares the powers of St. Nick to those of traditional caped crusaders.

Music therapy

The healing power of music

Donated instruments help children cope, during and after hospitalization.