Hasan Minhaj UC Davis

Comedian's homecoming

Alum Hasan Minhaj tackles weighty national and local issues in his one-man show.

UC Irvine super Santa

Santa vs. superheroes

Physics professor compares the powers of St. Nick to those of traditional caped crusaders.

Music therapy

The healing power of music

Donated instruments help children cope, during and after hospitalization.

Rad Women Worldwide

UC Santa Cruz alumna pens second NY Times bestseller with ‘Rad Women Worldwide’

Kate Schatz’s new book is a showcase of extraordinary women from 31 countries around the world.

UC Santa Barbara science cinema

Science vs. Cinema

Astrophysicist examines the science behind sci-fi movies in popular YouTube series.

UC Riverside sing you back

UC Riverside poet featured on PBS NewsHour

Allison Hedge Coke and her poem 'America, I Sing You Back' featured on public television website.

UC Davis Shrem ribbon

New UC Davis art museum welcomes thousands

State-of-the-art center celebrates the influential local art community.

The real horror of Frankenstein UC Merced

The real horror of ‘Frankenstein:’ Human extinction

If we actually shared the planet with Mary Shelley's monster, we'd only last about 4,000 years.

UC Santa Cruz largest-ever gift

UC Santa Cruz receives largest-ever gift

$32M collection of 12,000 photos from Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange and more endowed to the school.

Ferengi UC Santa Barbara

'Star Trek' designer opens up his universe

Thousands of aliens emerged from alum's brain to define the series' look.